CPAAA By-laws Review/Vote

A committee of board members was formed at the beginning of the summer to review and revise the by-laws for our organization.  The last review/revisions/approval performed was back in 2009.   Although we were way over-due for this review, it is important that our by-laws were in alignment with our new 501©3 non-profit status.

All reviews/revisions have been completed, reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors on 10/16/19. The next step is gaining approval from the general membership.  In accordance to our current by-laws, a 30 day notice of the proposed changes has to be given to the active general membership.   Therefore, the review/discussion of these changes is scheduled to be held at the general meeting on November 12th 2019.  The “vote to approve” will be held at the general meeting on December 10th, 2019.

Board of Directors Elections

We are looking for interested members to run for 2020 – 2022  term as President, Secretary and Board Member. You make the difference in your association, so please step up and serve on your Board of Directors. Contact Kam Durham at for an application. Applications are due by November 1, 2019.

Field Trip – November 2019

A field trip to the Sally Corporation has been scheduled for November 7th. The Sally Corporation was founded in 1977 as an animatronic production company but has evolved into the lead designer and manufacturer of the most successful dark rides around the world. Please contact Dottie Mullins at for additional information.